Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Freaky Town

On Palm Sunday a lovely male couple came into the store and made a mad dash to the toys and games section of the store. It is my mandate to great every customer so I trotted off after them to fulfill my professional duties. There was a significant age difference between the men and the younger responded to my greeting by saying “they wanted to go to freaky town to find some toys.” I asked if they needed a tour guide for “freaky town” or were they cool on their own. I was assured that they were familiar with “freaky town” and wouldn’t need my help. I went back to the front of the store and eagerly awaited what adventuresome toys they would choose to spend their Palm Sunday afternoon with.

It always warms my heart when a same gender loving couple comes into the store, or a person who is transitioning from one gender expression to another or when individuals come in who may be a little shy but leave feeling confident and empowered. It indicates to me that somehow we are doing our job well in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed with what the gentlemen brought to the counter to purchase. Of all of the toys we offer in the store- 24” dildos, vibrating anal beads, conjoined anal plugs, testicle clamps, vibrating nipple clams, double ended glass dildos (great when cleaning) that have vibrating bumps on along the shaft for additional stimulation….out of all of the potential purchases in “freaky town”- they come to me with a penis pump.

“Really, a penis pump? Out of all of the choices, you picked a penis pump?” I think they could easily sense my disappointment.

Choosing a penis pump in the Toy Room of Sexy Street is like buying a pack of gum in one of those candy stores in the mall with every possible kind of candy you could choose from. I still feel a little let down even writing about it- but I was really glad they felt comfortable there and with me despite my obvious disappointment in their relatively conservative purchase. I don't know what my expectations were for them but they left me with a resonating sense that they must be Protestant.

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LittleMary said...

oh my god. you make me laugh so hard. laughing so hard out loud. if you could only use this shit in sermons some day.