Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spark of Renewal

Last night was my first Saturday night on the job. Normally I would be putting my finishing touches on my sermon, preparing for one of 7 zillion committee meetings all with my eye on the post-church Sunday nap! But instead I helped a woman who was getting ready to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversay and wanting to find something special to wear...both for herself and for her husband. She secretly booked a hotel room and giggled sharing the details of her plan like they tell me teenage girls do....I never giggled....I think I must be missing that gene.

The majority of our lingerie isn't really meant for women who have been married for 25 years. I'm not sure who they use as their models while designing but I'm pretty sure they don't use an actual human body- living and breathing (and eating and giving birth to children!!!!). But, lo and behold in our 50% off rack in the back of the store was a darling black corset with fuschia hearts and an attached garterbelt and thongs that was designed for a real woman. In the front of the store for the unrealistic bodies were a pair of fuschia fishnets that matched perfectly...and she had her own pair of heels.

In the midst of this dressing room adventure were stories of how she and her husband met, their three children- two in college and the youngest still in highschool. That their house burned down in 2006, their oldest daughter lost her college basketball scholarship because she tore her ACL and how outstanding their youngest son is and will certainly play in the NBA....but only after he earns his college degree regardless of how much money they throw at him!

It was a pleasure to be invited into this woman's joy and to soak in all of the advice and wisdom she shared with me.

God mainfests herself in so many unqiue ways- even in sex shop dressing rooms...on Saturday nights when one would think she would be inspiring sermons and meeting agendas. I think being with us last night was her preference for certain!


LittleMary said...

you rock my world!

jsd said...

I've enjoyed your posts, your reflections, and the glimmers of some fantastic humor yet awaiting.

more cows than people said...

so glad you were there for her. good job on focusing on the people and ignoring the b.s..