Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Is it just me or is it standard practice for your co-workers so share the finer details of their sex lives?

I worked at Sexy Street from 3-9 last nights. By 3:05pm I was hearing unsolicited details about my manager's personal life. Let's call her Rhonda. So. I get to work, punch in, go drop off my personal stuff in the break room and walk out the door onto the sales floor to find Rhonda more than eagerly waiting for me. Apparently it didn't matter that there were customers with questions or customers who needed to be rung up. Rhonda came at me with that energy little kids get when they really, really want to tell you something and they don't care that you're on the phone or in the middle of another conversation......... it was like that.

Rhonda wanted to tell me about her weekend with her boyfriend Barry. Well, Barry lives with his ex-wife's mother, his daughter from that marriage and his ex-wife's son from a previous marriage. The only one missing from the house is the ex-wife! So Rhonda spent the weekend at Barry's....decided to make steaks and a pineapple upside down cake for dinner and dessert....the daughter was helping and cut her thumb open while opening the canned pineapple and needed stitches, 6 to be exact. Rhonda had to take her to the hospital but needed to call Barry who was at work.... somehow the ex-wife showed up, the ex-mother-in-law that still lives with her daughter's ex-husband apparently was a pain in the ass...the story culminated with Rhonda and Barry in bed, Barry with a "big-old-smile on his face" and the response to why he was smiling being that "every time they have sex it just gets better and better."

Now I realize that the name of my store is Sexy Street and that we sell a whole lot of sex toys, lingerie and lube.... but really, I don't want to know these finer details of Rhonda's personal life. I also learned that Barry is only 5'4" with very tiny equipment but works extra hard in bed to make up for it. SERIOUSLY! Come on now...this is just too much.

I've never felt more like an uptight WASP then I did last night. Frozen Chosen... all of that came into play and to be honest, I'm okay with it. My fiancé assures me that I should be more understanding given the fact that for me this is only a part-time job that we are hoping will be a brief interlude and that for Rhonda being the manager of Sexy Street is the culmination of her career aspirations. I just don't know's very hard to keep a "yick" expression off of my face.


LittleMary said...

welcome to our lives. pastors wherever we go!

more cows than people said...

context is everything, right? i'm not exactly surprised, but i get your discomfort.